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One More Reason to adopt

Someone once said to me the reason they didn't want to adopt was because "they [adoptees] all have issues".  Maybe, but they  also all have incredible potential -- just like the rest of us!  Click  the link below to get connected with The Shelter Pet Project (an  organization created around a passion for pet adoptions) to find the  next Tripper and begin writing your own story! 

Our books

Tripper's first book "Redeem-A-Doodle" was 3 years in the making! It is  a testament to perseverance & being passionate about your dreams.   Her second book, "Doodle Finds Her Why" was inspired by John Maxwell's "Intentional Living" and came to life in it's own unique way.   We are so excited to offer both books for sale here on We hope to share our stories of faith, fur, & family with  generations to come!

For Adoption & Foster Agencies

If you're an adoption and/or foster care agency (people or pets), or another non-profit created around bringing hope and healing to those wounded or forgotten along the road of life, DoodleWorks, LLC. is happy to provide as many of our books as you would like at cost.  Just provide the necessary documentation & we will process your order at no mark up.  We believe helping others find hope is it's own reward!

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